Salsa Casseroll 2009, update after 2 years and 8000km

My last post is now almost two years old and I have done absolutely nothing in the way of providing new content to my blog. This is a shame, I guess I can say that I was too busy riding my fantastic bike!

So as the title says, my Salsa Casseroll model 2009 is almost two years old and I’ve ridden it for over 8,000 km. I felt like giving a quick update on my impression of the bike.

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How to build a bicycle: Salsa Casseroll

It’s a New Year, and it’s a new bicycle!

Which I have put together myself, that was the main DIY project of last year and that was quite a big deal for me because I had never built a bicycle before.

So I thought of taking pictures, documenting it a bit and putting it online. I relied heavily on the Internet for information, so I guess I see this as giving back some of the information and experience I got off the Internet.


Actually, building a bicycle is really easy. I found it more challenging to choose the correct parts before building the bike and to tune up the bike once it is built.


A little bit of background information on the bike itself: I want to ride more in 2009, and I want to ride longer. In 2008, I took an interest in long distance cycling and ultracycling. I eventually would like to participate in Paris-Brest-Paris, if it is organized in 2011.

So I wanted a bike specifically for long distances. There’s nothing really wrong with using a racing bike for long distances, but a lot of people prefer using bikes that are slightly different, mainly with modifications / features geared towards improving comfort.

Why did I decide to build my bike myself? Mainly because it is not easy to find stock bicycles with the sort of requirements I had, and buying a custom bike from my shop would have cost me a lot more. Also, I thought I would learn a lot about the way a bike works and that would be useful knowledge for maintenance and repair.


I settled for a Salsa Casseroll frame, because steel is real my friends. It is a comfortable material, and all my previous bicycles were made of steel, so that was an easy choice. The Casseroll is sort of a “sport tourer” frame, with quite a relaxed geometry, longer chainstays and eyelets for fenders and a rack at the rear.



Now for the building part, let’s see it step by step.

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Salsa Casseroll frame finally arrived!

Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for this for a real long time. This has been quite a challenge to get this frame in Germany, I would never have thought…

Anyway, it’s here, and I love it!

Here’s a few pictures for posterity:

The pictures are not too good, I’ll edit one of these days with some pictures taken with natural light.

So this Salsa Casseroll frame is going to be the basis of my new bike for long distances. It’ll be mostly built around Shimano 105/Ultegra parts.

I’ll post some pictures of the building process and a list of parts later.


Latest activity: none

I haven’t posted on the blog in what? over 3 months? One can tell I have had a lot less time lately.

Anyway, the blog is practically dead, and I’m thinking of ways of reviving it. To make it interesting for me, so I actually get the motivation to write something in the evening when I come back from work. And maybe make it a little more interesting for the couple of people who somehow find their way here. 

Macs and bicycles, that’s probably the next focus. Stay tuned… (or not) 


Dull Entertainment – An interesting company name

When you found a company and choose a name for it, you have to make a little background research to see if your company name is not an insult in another language, or that generally it doesn’t sound ridiculous.

I had to laugh hard when I stumbled upon the name of one of our clients at work, look at that and click to visit their site:


They’re German-speakers, should someone let them know?

BTW, yes, I know it’s been ages since my last post but well, I’ve been very busy lately. Hopefully things will be a little more settled for me in the next few weeks.Yeah, hopefully. 


dict.cc plugin for Dictionary.app

It’s been awfully quiet here for the past few weeks, but it’s because I’ve been quite busy. One of the things I’ve been busy with is learning German. And I’ve just found the most useful plugin I could hope for: a dict.cc plugin that sits right in the Mac OS X Dictionary.app. It is absolutely great and will replace the EnDe widget I’ve been using so far.

So I just have to fire up Dictionary.app or use the widget, and I have an ultra-quick translation. You just type in your word in English or German and it will give you the translation in the corresponding language right away.


It’s only compatible with Leopard since Tiger’s version of Dictionary.app doesn’t support plugins.This is one feature of Leopard I never thought I’d love :)


Best Craiglist ad ever

If you’re interested in cement blocks and strong language, go see it here: 
8*8*16 Cement Block – 1$


Is Carla Bruni-Sarkozy stupid…?

Or does she think we’re stupid?

No no, this is not groundless attack from my part, this really is a legitimate question.

My question has been prompted by her reaction to this story. The Nouvel Observateur claims that her new husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, has sent an SMS to his ex-wife Cecilia just 8 days before he married Carla Bruni saying “If you come back now, I’ll call it all off”.

I know, this is bad journalism and doesn’t really call for an answer, but she went ahead nonetheless, after a few days of preparing the answer. The answer is in two parts, and both are appallingly stupid. She said “the lawsuit that my husband has initiated is not against a member of the press, but against the ‘new means of disinformation’”, by that she means the Internet of course. And she goes on to say: “If this kind of site had existed during the war, what do you think would have happened as far as denouncing the Jews is concerned?”
Now that made me sit right up on my chair. Did she actually compare the Nouvel Observateur to the collaborationist press of WWII over a stupid f****** SMS? Yes she did, well done Carla, you’re not embarrassing yourself and more importantly you’re showing that you definitely have the standing of a true First Lady. I can’t believe people doubted you. And by the way, this is a perfect example of Godwin’s Law.

Let’s go back to the first part of her answer: “new means of disinformation”. “New”? what the heck do you mean, “new”? The Internet has been a huge vector of all kinds of misleading information and information warfare for over a decade Carla, remember, that goes back to when you were still in your 20s… There’s nothing new about it. You’re a model, that means you should know a little bit about the media.

I personally find it rather amusing that she’s been an integral part of this massive PR and communication operation set up by her husband, the French President, over their relationship and marriage, they’ve both been riding the wave to the max and probably counted on the Internet to spread the news even faster. And now suddenly she spits in the soup and blames it on the media and Internet.

So Carla, are you really stupid? Or do you think we are stupid?


MMS = Molestation Message Service

Man convicted of sending penis photo by phone. 
Via SexRev2.0
With the words “sex” and “penis”, I’m sure to get a lot of visitors on this page :)
For you guys who googled those words, sorry if this is not what you expected!


Eurolines kann tötlich sein

Traveling with Eurolines is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…
In October I faced the rats, in December I faced the cold, what is it gonna be next?
And when you’re not fighting rats in a dirty parking lot at Karlsruhe Hauptbahnof Süd or fighting the cold for 2.5 hours at the same location, waiting for a connection, you still have to deal with nasty bus drivers. I think the driver from my last trip would have been at home in India where he would have been king of the road. His shouting “wir haben 30 minuten Verspätung” whilst ragingly stepping on the gas definitely reminded me of a trip between Dharamsala and Delhi. Especially the part about narrowly avoiding a crash when leaving the bus stop.

Believe me, I will definitely make true on my earlier promise to cycle between France and Germany next time, instead of taking the bus.